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V-Thing Summer Volleyball 2022  Volleyball (Beach)

Summer 2022
Jun 2 ’22
Aug 25 ’22

V-Thing Summer volleyball is back for 2022!

As in the past, this program is meant to be a networking and socializing opportunity using beach volleyball pickup games as the primary means to support this goal.

The team captain must be the first person to register for and establish a team.  Once that's done, players can register then put themselves on the team that was created.  Each registration comes with a T-shirt so please indicate your shirt size when prompted. Thanks and we will see you on the sand in June!

Teams can split the cost among the players or the captain can pay for the whole team.  It's important for everyone to create an account and be placed on a team so that the messaging system will reach all players in case of cancellations.

Based on the results of the recent survey, we will have 3 weeks of scheduled play beginning on July 28th.  The results of these games will be used to seed the tournament bracket.  That leaves 8 weeks of free play.

Nothing but a V-Thing Volleyball

Location: Wyndham Virginia Beach Oceanfront 5700 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA

Sponsorships and Fees: This annual networking opportunity is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors. Please consider sponsoring our group this season. Click here for sponsorship opportunities. League fee for players is $75 per person.


Cash or check donations are accepted as well. Checks should be made out and sent to:

Virginia Beach Volleyball Charities

659 Minute Men Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23462


Meetup Dates: Thursday evenings 6/2 to 8/25 starting at 6PM and lasting until the sun goes down.

Weather: In the event of an obvious rain out, emails will be sent out from leagueapps as early as possible. For spotty summer showers, we will do an on-court check and send out a notification as soon as we can make a determination.

On-Site Information:

- Equipment will be at the Wyndham by 5:00 PM, and the first games will begin at 6:00 PM and go until we run out of daylight.

- Kids are welcome on the site, but we are not responsible for their supervision.

- There will be six nets set up at a minimum. Teams should designate one person each week to arrive at 5:00 PM and help set up the nets.

- If your team did not send someone to help set up the nets, and there are still nets to be set up, you will have to set up one of the nets instead of calling "Next" on one of the nets that are already in place.

- If you are the last team on a net as it is getting dark, break down the net you were playing on and put the net in the bag and all the hardware in the proper container near the wooden storage box. Don't leave pulleys and carabiners on the poles.

- Game Play: - Teams will have four players on the court. Coed play is optional, but encouraged.

- First team to 21 points wins. Switch sides every 7 points.

- FREE PLAY FORMAT:  If a team wins the game, they get to stay on the net for a second game. If they win the second game, they have to give up the net. If there is only one team waiting, the losing team may stay on the net for a second game. If there are two teams waiting, both teams must leave the court.

- Basic volleyball rules, such as lifts, carries, and contact with the net will be enforced.

- Serves clipping the net are still in play.

- Serves cannot be blocked or attacked above the height of the net.

Sponsorship: Sponsors help make this social gathering possible, and keep the fees (aka bar tab) low. Virginia Beach Volleyball Charities which is a registered 501 (c)(3) entity. Our goal is to donate whatever is leftover to The V Foundation and Tidewater Volleyball Association. These two non-profits were important to our friend and colleague Steve Blevins and are still important to his family now. Please follow the sponsor link above for sponsor levels and opportunities.

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